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    There are lots of new items added to the website weekly, so there is always something new to look at - shop now for all the latest inspiring but easy fashion pieces. We offer stylish yet affordable men's clothing including jackets, T-shirts, Shirts and jeans.

  • Women

    We have a beautiful selection of dresses for any occasion. Browse our collection and make a style statement.

  • Accessories

    We believe that accessories don't only complement an outfit – they make it! We love fashion and we love accessories, so we've put together a huge range of clothing accessories for fashion lovers everywhere to choose from! From men's accessories for the boys looking to pull off that rockstar look to women's accessories for the budding fashionista wanting to mimic the glamour of the catwalk, we have cool accessories for everyone!

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    "ANOOSH.co.uk" understands and respects the need for the privacy of its customers. To keep you informed of our privacy policies, we have provided this document disclosing Online Jeans intent, purpose and practice in use of possibly private information, and detailing the methods of gathering of such information.

    You will be able to explore the majority of the Services offered on this web site without us collecting any identifiable information from you. For the purpose of business communications, lawful administration and transacting, we may collect and use personal information, for example: your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail. This will enable us to:
    - Process orders or applications;
    - Respond to queries or requests submitted by you;
    - Resolve problems with goods and services previously supplied; and/or
    - Create products or services that may meet your future requirements.
    "ANOOSH.co.uk" will collect, store, process, transmit or otherwise handle private information only with the knowledge and consent of you, our customer, on a strictly confidential basis. Mostly, this is done by completing an online form.

    Monitoring or recording of your calls, e-mails or SMS may take place for business purposes to the extent permitted by law, such as for example quality control and training for the purposes of marketing and improving the Services. However, in these situations, we will not disclose information that could be used to personally identify you. Amendments to this Security and Privacy Statement: Subject to ANOOSH preserving your acquired rights, we reserve the right to amend or modify this Security and Privacy statement at any time in response to new privacy legislation.


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